Improved wifi at The Tithe Barn

One of the many charms of the Tithe Barn is its thick stone walls, and spacious living areas. Delightful as this is, it has sometimes stopped our Wi-Fi from being beamed to all corners of the building.  Intermittent signals in some areas have sometimes been a problem since the wifi was installed. Sometimes it worked on laptops, but not on mobile phones, and sometimes it just didn’t want to play ball at all.

Something had to be done, no longer could we bear the frustration.  Much to our delight and the satisfaction of our guests, we have now upgraded the wi-fi, and added two signal boosters that ensure even behind the thickest wall and in the furthest corner of the house a strong wi-fi signal is available, completely free of charge to all of our guests.  Whichever bedroom you are staying in, or if you are in our dining room, you will always be able to access the internet with, dare we claim, 4 if not 5 bars of signal.  We always strive to improve the service we provide for our guests, and hope you will enjoy this new facility.



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