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Horn Mill Osprey Hide 

Summer 2019



Here at The Tithe Barn Rutland , we are fortune to have guests who considor staying here a part of the whole experience for their time away .


One such guest visits us regularly to take part in a photo shoot session held at The  Horn Mill Osprey Hide On this visit our guest kindly shared with us some of their photos and they look forward to returning later in the year to visit one of the Rutland Ospreys favorite feeding grounds .



The abundance of fresh trout for fishing Osprey meant the ospreys started to have a significant impact on the business, and by 2013  were losing up to 1000 fish a year, so they took the decision to net all of the farm to prevent these losses and protect the fish stocks. However with the help and guidance of The Rutland Osprey Project they chose a different path and they constructed a hide purely for photographing these amazing birds in action.


The hide is sunk into the ground beside the pond and provides the only opportunity so far in England to experience and photograph Ospreys at extremely close quarters.






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