Richard III found buried under Leicester car park

This sounds rather unlikely, but in reality was the result of many years of painstaking research from different experts in their field, which led to this discovery.  It was known that he was buried in Greyfrair church after his defeat at the Battle of Bosworth, by the soon to become King Henry VII.  The location of the church had been lost over the years after it was raised to the ground in Henry III’s reign.  There was also some doubt as to whether his body had been removed from the site.

Examinations of old maps narrowed down the location of the church, but that by itself was not reason enough to dig up the council’s Greyfriar car park.  Dr Ashdown Hill was responsible for acquiring DNA from the descendants of Richard III so that if a body was discovered the DNA sample could be used to provide a match.  This, combined with the identification of the correct location, convinced the council there was enough evidence to proceed with an excavation that began in August 2012 and went on until September.

As hoped for, the remains of the church were excavated, and the skeleton was discovered.  DNA tests were conclusive that the finds were of King Richard III.  His body tells a tale of extreme violence, with brutal injuries to the skull and other areas.  Now the debate rages on where his final resting place should be.  Wherever that may be, at least now he will be guaranteed a burial fit for a King!

You can easily visit Bosworth from The Tithe Barn and the exhibition there about the Battle of Bosworth Field and Richard’s defeat.  Opening times are available on their website:  
Leicester is also easily reached from The Tithe Barn, for when they decide on the final resting place for Richard lll.



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