Stamford has been crowned the best place to live in Britain and I am not at all surprised.

Stamford is blessed with a wealth of History that makes it as exciting as it does pleasing on the eye.


Recorded history of Stamford dates back 1000 years.  By the 13th Century Stamford was one of the 10 largest towns in England, and one can still see buildings from this period, including the 12th Century St Leonards priory and the 13th Century tower of St Marys Church.

Fine Georgian houses form the backbone of the towns centre, and create lovely winding alley ways that are just begging for exploring.  Unique and interesting shops are dotted down little streets and alleys, and on the pedestrianized main street.  Running through the centre of Stamford is the River Welland, a gentle and meandering water, that flows through a pretty green park at the centre of Stamford called the Meadows.

During the 16th Century Stamford became linked to William Cecil, the secretary of state to Queen Elizabeth I.  He built an amazing building on the outskirts of Stamford called Burghley House.  Burghley can be visited by the public today, and is a popular venue for several international events including Burghley Horse Trails, a 4 day event held every September. It’s worth checking their website for opening times:

Stamford is a 15 minute drive from the Tithe Barn and an enchanting town well worth the visit.


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